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NeoNote — The farce continues

??I don't like and don't trust Trump.

I just wanted to establish that the problems of an overreaching government and abandoning the rule of law are not just a Republican issue. For all the talk about the fundamentalists and the religious right, progressives let their own foxes into the henhouse. Those problems were just as big a threat.

The incredibly silly part is that the solution from both major parties is increasing the size, power, and scope of government only with their guys calling the shots. There are those here who call that a false equivalence because Their Cause Is Just. But when the end result expands government power, increases taxes, increases spending, adds more law and regulation, well, there's no effective difference. You're sacrificing your freedom at someone else's altar for promises that will be broken.

Politicos benefit from unsolved problems. Politicos want problems they can stage manage. Actual solutions mean politicos can't milk the misery.

As long as we expect government to rescue us, the farce continues.??
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.


Getting better

??The thing is, we're getting better. Americans especially. We're practically hardwired to help. Show us something that we can do something about and we will do it. Not because we're obligated to, not because of some government edict, but because we genuinely want to. Child fallen in a well? We're there, not only with (mostly unofficial) rescuers but with people feeding the family and the rescuers. New Orleans flooded? We're there with fan boats carrying supplies and the most efficient trucking network on the planet bringing in more. Notably the fan boats got turned away because they weren't "official." You should watch for that, it's a repeating pattern.??
     — NeoWayland

Super oversized roundup - clearing out the old stack

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