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Thursday roundup

White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader

Stars Above and Earth Below, I hope this is a satire.

Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama

I'm not sure I would have payed attention if I had not gotten those phone calls and emails trying to make me something I am not.

15 Antifa Photos You'll Never See in Legacy Media

Eye opening.

Navajo solar plant breaks new ground

I still can't get the numbers to work, but I wish them luck.

UN racism committee issues 'warning' over US tensions

Irony alert. Seriously though, where were they a year ago?

Missouri high school removes gay students' quotes from yearbook

This is institutional oppression. This is also utter stupidity.

Google's $8.5m class-action privacy payout goes to: Lawyers' alma maters, web giant's pals

But not the people actually affected.

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