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No, boys aren't broken

Are boys 'broken'? Another mass shooting renews debate on toxic masculinity

Yeah, right.

Only if you ignore things like this.

Peter Wang died a 'hero' in Florida shooting, wearing his ROTC uniform. Petition seeks a full honors military funeral

JROTC students use Kevlar pads to shield classmates from Florida shooter

Hero boy shot five times shielding classmates from Florida school gunman

Oh, let's not forget the grown men who stood between innocents and danger.

Florida school shooting: Football coach shot, killed while protecting students hailed as hero

A heroic geography teacher died protecting his students from the Florida high school shooter

This is what American men are supposed to do.

??Me, I think men protect their own, and stand between innocents and danger. I'm sure there are hundreds of other ways. I just don't buy that manhood is validated by the gender of the people you might sleep with.??
     — NeoWayland
That's HONOR.

Toxic masculinity my ass.
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