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Wednesday roundup

Reject the Diversity Mandate

“Diversity should not be an end in itself; excellence is the goal.”

Microsoft To Ban ‘Offensive Language’ & Monitor Your Private Account

Think again before your use their cloud services

Did Facebook’s ‘Favors’ For The Obama Campaign Constitute A Violation Of Federal Law?

I think it did

The Resistance

“Silicon Valley has turned in to a de facto surveillance state, and is using its power to try to quash Conservative thought on the Internet.”

Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Suggests Disney create a pro-choice, trans, illegal, union-working Princess

Not a joke

Europe Told To Prepare For Another Wave of Refugees

Don't nations decide who to admit as a refugee and who not?

Parkland Survivor Admits to Bullying the Shooter. And She’s Not Sorry.

“Emma admitting she bullied the shooter is a tantamount admission the shooter, not the gun, is responsible for the shooting.”

NBC Tried to Claim There Were 800,000 Gun Control Marchers in DC — Not Even Close

Changing the story when caught

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Facebook Able to Listen to You at Home and Work

Yeah, we knew that was a possibility with Android phones

Lying Is a Fundamental Part of American Police Culture

Government is not your friend.

Justice John Paul Stevens Is Wrong About the Second Amendment, Again

“The retired justice wants to claw back parts of the Bill of Rights.”

Computers are amazing, but Electronic Health Records are not

Government regulations and mandates produce bad technology that can't be fixed without legislation

2020 census to include citizenship question

This one should be obvious. The Constitution mandates the census count citizens

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