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Bonus Sunday supersized roundup

Tread Carefully on Mental-Health Reform

Once you link social issues to mental health, it's way too easy to put anyone who disagrees away

Report: Wells Fargo investigation broadens to wealth division

The problem went deeper

For St. Patrick’s Day, some lessons from the rise of America’s Irish

The impact of America on Irish immigrants, and their impact on America

cá độ bóng đá qua mạng hop phapPresident Donald J. Trump is Taking Immediate Actions to Secure Our Schools

The OFFICIAL plan has some problems

HuffPo has quotas for op-ed authors by race and gender. Is this okay?

When the press ignores diversity of viewpoint in favor of diversity of race and diversity of gender

How Much Longer Can We Get Away With It?

Selling the future for new currency

End Immunity For The Dirty Prosecutor

Hold them responsible for their actions

In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state

People want the state of Jefferson

cá độ bóng đá qua mạng hop phapPerhaps No One Lost China

I think the author is premature. Hong Kong is still going to be the City That Ate A Country.

No Fourth Amendment Protections Against Warrantless Cell Phone Searches at U.S. Border, Says Federal Court

"Border searches never require a warrant or probable cause."

Pro-Cop Killer Women’s March Is Organizing the National School Walkout for Gun Control

This is not bottom up or led by teenagers

Obamacare Medicaid expansion is causing more disabled people to die on waitlists, new report says

Just as predicted. The free market (not government) can bring down costs, increase quality, and make healthcare more available

Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout

Tell me again how this wasn't about political indoctrination

Russian Hackers Attacked U.S. Aviation as Part of Breaches

A system that is desperately outdated because it is run by government

REVEALED: Peter Strzok Had Personal Relationship With Recused Judge In Michael Flynn Case

“Equity” Before Security

“Mayor de Blasio’s soft-on-crime approach is backfiring.”

Report: Democrats outline plans to ask Apple & WhatsApp for help in the Trump-Russia investigation

Government should not have access to private encrypted data

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Trump: What you need to know

The one thing I would add is that it wasn't just the Trump campaign that did this.

Utah Bar Would Like To Know Why It Sent Boobs To Everybody This Evening

“It's like a mountain of repression just bubbled over. Well... two mountains...”

MIT librarian: Tech workplaces plastered with Star Trek posters, other geeky stuff is non-inclusive to women

I don't suppose anyone asked women who worked in those places

She told cops they were vitamins. But botched test kept Florida mom in jail for months.

Five months? I hope she sues

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