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Tuesday roundup

Bank of America takes aim at gun-making clients

Virtue signalling

POLITICSThis Man Is The Reason Congress Can’t Vote On Marijuana Anymore

I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what part of the Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate marijuana

Confidential ICE Handbook Lays Out Paths For Investigators To Avoid Constitutional Challenges

Wendy McElroy says never consent.

United States of Corporate America

Giving the government deniability

US Republican Senator Calls for Coup in Venezuela

Meddling. What threat does Venezuela pose to the United States?

The Olympics won’t help Rio – London is still reeling from the damage four years on

No matter what they tell you, the Olympics are financial loss writ large for any host nation. It's the stadium scam.

Broward Co. Sheriff Israel: 'Not My Responsibility' That His Employee Failed to Confront Parkland Shooter

Is this really the sheriff that voters wanted?

National disgrace’: Community fights back as California overrun by homelessness, human waste, needles

This has already involved hearings for the rights of the homeless. See also California Officials Arrested for Illegal Hazardous Waste Dumping and Corruption

How Did the Parkland Shooter Slip Through the Cracks?

Because the cracks were engineered for exceptions

The Google Memo: A Counterfactual Response

Yes, this is what should have happened

The Evergreen Meltdown

“I have a different hypothesis for Evergreen’s predicament. The college has become a hostile and intolerant environment for diverse viewpoints, and it is this that is causing students to leave Evergreen, or discouraging them from applying in the first place. When undergraduates become fearful of expressing unpopular opinions out of concern that their classmates, and sometimes even their faculty, will shun and verbally harass them, they are likely to seek a different college.”

5 Things Barack Obama Said in His Weirdly Off-the-Record MIT Speech

“On Friday, former President Barack Obama spoke for an hour to an audience of hundreds of people at a major sports policy conference at MIT, but his remarks were off-the-record and kept completely secret by virtually all attendees, who had to agree that they would not record, photograph, tweet, or report on the event before being granted a seat in the audience.”

More Americans now support a universal basic income

So who pays?

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